Satalien (satalien) wrote,

Everyone hates me like a Nazi disease.

I've begun to think that I must have some sort-of disgusting gash on my face that keeps people away from me. It's either that, or I am a ghost. I am leaning towards ghost but I don't know.

Last week I finally found a new place. I spent a lot of time with that religious bitch until she finally kicked me out because I was eating too much of her food. The best part of being kicked out of there was when she started sobbing after I begged her not to abort me from her home. I guess now she knows what it's like to get knocked up with something you don't want who eats all your fucking resources. SHE SENDS IT OUT INTO THE FUCKING COLD! Say it with me: what a cunt!

I doubt anyone said that with me, but if I were on the fucking TV set, I'd have that as my great Godded catch phrase. Mug to the cameras WHAT A CUNT! AUDIENCE CLAPS...

But then I don't know if cameras can record the image of a ghost or gash faces.

My new place is all right, it's a basement apartment which has an air conditioner that gets the place REALLY fucking cold. i was able to get the shit together I needed to get together to get this place, all sorts of shit has to happen like telephone calls and shit so I was able to (gash ghost and all) get people to recogonize that I needed fucking help and they were often very nice. I don't have any furniture because I left it at my old place where the sink kept leaking so I've been sleeping on the floor and the only thing I can really do is play with my fucking air conditioner and this stupid computer of mine that I managed to steal from that religious lady (WHAT A CUNT!!!)

I've been looking otu the window at the neighbors and they're all these stupid white trash fucks with, like, kids, or something and, like, they've got problems because they're often screaming and/or drunk. They ignore me most of the time and I think they'd be surprised to know that I don't have a single piece of furniture. I don't know how to find any furniture anymore but I know that I'd like, at least, a cot. Here's the thing: I got a phone book (AWESOME!) placed on my doorstop and I looked up cots but there were no stores listed anywhere. I can't afford a bed, I know, so a cot is what I need. I don't know if I should go to a bed store or a fucking Wal-mart or what but I won't go to a Wal-mart because if I wanted to spend time with my neighbors, I'd just stay home which is what I'm doing.

I think I'm pretty lonely and lost sometimes but that's probably not true. I think I'm more like, fired up about softball!!! Whenever I think about being lonely or unsure how in the hell I will sleep one more night on the floor and coughing up all that dust in the morning, I think about how some people in the world must get fired up about SOFTBALL!!! and how when they're feeling like I do, they must just, like, think about SOFTBALL!!! and feel much better, so I was trying to think like that the other day and realized that softball? does not really fire me up at all. It's so fucking primitive, with its stupid shitty sticks and balls and ooh, what's next, running? really? Then you have to fucking cave paint, probably. SOFTBALL!!!

So I dunno what DOES get me fired up but it sure as hell isn't softball. Softball can choke on my cock with an extra turkey leg to boot as far as I'm concerned. Softball is the most ridiculous thing ever created and don't get me started on the word "umpire" if you don't want to be dissolved into acid.
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