Satalien (satalien) wrote,

smack smack smack smack from the mouths of bunnies

It's February 1st.

You fuckers.

My usual lust for life has diminished and I am finding marshmallows everywhere. Seriously, there are so many mashmallows in my little apartment that I am beginning to wonder if the easter bunny is up to his old tricks. I don't know why the easter bunny does half of what he does, but I can imagine that devious little bunny making some strange SMACKING sounds with its mouth and then leaving marshmallows in the strangest places while I sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I have been getting too much lately. It's a little bothersome because I've got so much to work on but I can't seem to climb out of my stasis for more than 4 hours at a time. Ugh. People shouldn't have to sleep.

I just watched this great movie on my TV. It had to do with a guy and a girl and they meet, but the guy is with some other girl and the girl with some other guy. They talk and stuff and eventually they get together despite their significant others. It was pretty touching, I have to say, to see love so effectively realized on screen. Sometimes it's like i know just how that feels.

Then I saw this KICKASS show, like it was a regular show or something b/c it had commercials. It dealt with these folks who got trapped on an island by, I can only assume, telepathic spiders! Talk about getting it right!

The thing about porn is that it doesn't ever deal with the guilt. Woody Allen should make a porno.

I am a little tired of eating grapes but I bought a shitload and grapes are all that i have now at home. I can't eat anything else because I'm too tired to go to the store and I don't want to disappear which can happen if I don't stay right here.

The problem I'm dealing with besides sleeping is that I have no one to talk to. I try to make friends but everytime I do, they want to convert me to JESUS. I have had many dealings iwth Jesus in my day (he used to take me to Taco Bell in the spring months) and, frankly, there's nothing worse than Jesus asking me if I'm going to finish that chalupa, and feeling guilty for not giving him my chalupa, but the fucker never buys enough for himself and it's my god damned chalupa, right? And if he's really the son of god, what the fuck does he want with a chalupa anyway?

So anyway, I wish I had more friends, but I guess who doesn't. I keep thinking that I should get out more and meet more people, but the problem with getting out with the purpose to make friends is that everyone wants to sleep with you and I DON'T WANT A FUCKMATE. I am an embarassment of riches.
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